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Module Size: 3.2cm * 3.2cm * 1.2cm
Processor: Dual-core,240MHz
Data Output Interface: UART / I2C
Available Software Library:

Mixely's Library Functions and Reference Programs

Arduino's Library Functions

Microbit's Library Functions

Customization Service (Payment):

Modify PCB size, screen printing, interface, etc.

Algorithm Customization

Camera Resolution: 640x480
Power Supply Voltage: 5V
Recognizable Object:

Human Body (upper body)

Ball (table tennis ball and tennis ball)

Customized 20 Cards (3 groups - 5 traffic cards, 5 shape cards, 10 number cards)

Color (output color at the specified position in the field of view, and position of output color in the field of view)

Functions in Development:

Real Time Graph Transmission

Motion Gesture Detection (detection of hand movement from top to bottom, left to right, etc., non-gesture detection)

Face Recognition

Sensor Comparison

MU Vision Sensor III Infrared Sensor Environment Brightness Sensor Ultrasonic Sensor Color Sensor
Color × × ×
Environment Brightness × ×
Obstacle × ×
Distance × × ×
Human Body × × × ×
Card Pattern × × × ×
Motion Gesture × × × ×
Ball × × × ×

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