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Paired with Lego Power Functions parts, you can create a variety of autonomous robots. MU Spider Droid is one of them. With the advanced artificial intelligence technology, MU Spider Droid can detect a person / face / ball, crawl and follow the object the Droid detects.

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Transform a Lego Spider to an autonomous spider droid

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"Mu smart toy, a sensor add-on that acts as a smart eye and brain for your existing remote controlled toys."--CES 2016 official Press Release

"How does the Internet of Things see? Through modules like the Mu." -- PCWorld

"Morpx's Mu for Toys gives your favorite toys the gift of sight." -- IDG.TV

"...smartest, most innovative projects that caught our attention." --Atmel Blog

"It's a pretty neat trick and MU seems to be able to spot faces fairly well. We really liked that MU gives feedback through its beeps on what it is seeing. You can tell when is spots a dead end and when it has found a new path to follow." --Tech Age Kids


1.When can I receive my order?

We ship worldwide. Most of the orders in China arrive within 2-3 business days (Monday through Friday excluding holidays). For international orders, most items arrive 10-20 business days (Monday through Friday excluding holidays).

2. What's the shipping cost?

During checkout, we calculates and guarantees your order's shipping costs. The costs are calculated based on a number of factors, including the number of purchased items, the weight of the items, and the postal code of the destination country.
A shipping timeline specific to your destination can be viewed as part of the checkout process. Shipping windows are estimates and delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.
Occasionally, a single order needs to be sent in two or more shipments. Shipping charges apply only to the first package shipped. There are no additional shipping charges for subsequent shipments for the same order.

3. What are your warranty and return policies?

Visit our policies page to learn more.

4. I ordered MU but I didn’t get a confirmation email. How can I check the status?

You can check the status in the order detail. If any problem, please contact .

5. May I submit a new product idea or concept?

Yes. Please submit your idea to our forum at http://forum.morpx.com/, or email us via .

6. Do you have any ideas or activities for MU themed Activities?

Yes, we do! Please visit the announcements on http://forum.morpx.com/.

7.How do I put the MU on a LEGO EV3 set?

You can use a small, round, double-sided foam tape (included) and stick it near the IR sensor of EV3. For more details, please check our videos on YouTube or Tencent.

8. Could I use a MU to control LEGO® Power Functions IR Receiver(8884)?

Lego Power Functions IR receiver uses the same IR code as the EV3. So Mu can control both. For details please see this discussion.

9.Is this device programmable on EV3G software? Can we change the way it works on the EV3? Does it have to connect through the EV3 IR sensor?

MU acts exactly as the EV3 remote control. In this sense, you can program the behavior of this device on EV3 just like you program the software to use the remote control input. You will have to use the IR receiver for this version of MU.

10. Is MU the same as pixy camera?

It is a vision sensor same as pixy, but unlike pixy, it detects and tracks high level objects such as faces, human contours and balls. Pixy only tracks color blobs which are pruned to false alarms due to same color objects nearby or lighting changes.

11.How many objects can MU track at one go?

Due to the complexity of tracking, most of the algorithm will only track one largest object detected in the field of view.

12.SN Retrieval.

Each MU has a unique SN (Serial Number) on the bottom of the package. SN is the certificate to upgrade firmware and to get the technical support from Morpx. If you lost your shipping box or need a SN for your MU PCB in the developer package, please follow the instructions from MU Firmware Upgrading Instructions(it contains the SN Retrieval Guide). Thanks!

13. Can I map the MU’s detection results to IR button on the EV3 Greeting Bot?

Currently the EV3 Greeting bot's control commands is nothing more than moving left and right motor towards the detected human,and spin a third motor to make the hand waving gesture. When MU detects a human on the left, it will press the left forward button. If the human is on the right, it will send the right forward button, so on and so forth. That means you can still use those button commands to program your EV3 even if your robot is not the Greeting Bot, as long as it uses left and right motors to do the movement. The EV3 Greeting Bot and EV3 snake are intended to give people more complete examples on what they can build using MU. This does not stop you to use those modes to control other form of EV3 robots.

14. Can I map the MU’s detection results to IR button on the EV3 Snake?

Please see the answer to the question “Can I map the MU’s detection results to IR button on the EV3 Greeting Bot?”

15.What’s your MU master builder program?

This is a program where we can build custom firmware based on your needs. We will send out updates periodically and you can download those updates and upload them onto MU for new functionality. Right now the best way for firmware update is through DFU utils http://dfu-util.sourceforge.net/ on a computer with USB cable connected to MU.

16.Does MU work with Arduino and Raspberry Pi?

MU works with arduino and rpi. The last mode ("Vision Controller" mode), uses a UART port to communicate with these devices. I will send you a link to the UART protocol documents in a few days.

17.Where can I download the Mu4Toys app?

It's still a work in progress, and we will notify you once it's ready.

18.Where can I find the EV3 Snake’s building guide?

The EV3 snake is a slightly modified Rapt3r robot in the EV3 official guide. (http://www.lego.com/en-us/mindstorms/build-a-robot/r3ptar)

19.What does the MU’s snake mode do?

MU's snake mode will tracking and follow human, and after getting closer, attack! You will need to adjust MU's line of sight upward a bit to see people's upper body.

20.How can I know if MU's IR signal is received by the EV3 IR receiver?

Please check the following:
(1) When you turn on MU, it is by default in a standby mode blinking "red and blue" color, in the standby mode NO IR signal is send out. You should long press the mode button to switch to the EV3 model. After each long press, there is a voice prompt to indicate which mode MU is under.
(2) Please make sure EV3 IR receiver is connected to Port No. 4 on the EV3 brick, that is, your EV3 IR remote should be able to control EV3.
(3) Now please put MU close to the IR receiver. The IR sensor on the EV3 receiver is on the top middle part of the receiver. The Mu has two sets of IR transmitters. One set is in the front under the LED eyes. The other set is in the back by two sides of the USB connector. Please try to point these two sets to the top of the EV3 receiver and check if it receives the signal.
If you still cannot get MU to connect to EV3, please send a picture of your setup to and we could debug from there.

21.How can I get the information of what MU sees from within EV3?

Currently, MU will send out motion control signal to EV3, just like how you will control EV3 by pressing the remote control button.

22.Do you have a flow chart for your Lego EV3 applications?

Please see the following chart and table.

23.Who should I contact if I have a question about MU?

You can sign up our forum to submit your question, or you can directly email to ,we will reply to you as fast as possible.

24.How can I open a wholesale account?

Please contact Frank Ran via .

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