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WIFI Enabled Edge Computing Sensor

Specifically Designed for STEAM Education

VISION Opens a New Dimension in Educational Robotics
Do you want your STEM products or courses stand out among the competitions? AI is changing the world, are your products ready for the change? Incorporating vision sensor into your products is a quick and easy way to add AI to your offering.



Autonomous AI Starts from VISION
The MU vision sensor is developed independently by Morpx to meet the needs of the STEM education market. The sensor can immediately add multiple unique capabilities into your current robotics products, including: color recognition, ball recognition, human sensing, card pattern (shapes, traffic signs and numbers) recognition. With these sensing capabilities, your customers will immediately notice an increase of intelligence of your products.

Color Recognition



Card Pattern Recognition

WIFI Enabled
Live images and data can be transmitted via WIFI. You can easily implement the AIoT applications, such as a pan-tilt surveillance camera or a surveillance car with remote control.
Highly Integrated Infra-red Sensor
MU vision sensor 3 also integrates an infrared sensor with three additional sensing functionalities: motion gestures, ambient light, and proximity, all comes essentially for free.
  • Motion gestures

  • Ambient light

  • Proximity

Follow these 4 simple steps to integrate MU Sensor into your product:

1.Connect the MU vision sensor to your robot’s main controller board via an empty UART or I2C port
2.Use the Morpx’s open source C/C++ library to setup and read data from the MU Vision Sensor
3.Write application on your main controller to process the vision sensor data.
4.Further integrate the MU vision sensor into your product’s hardware body.

Innovative Vision Applications

MU Vision Sensor enables many innovative applications and lessons that can be used in STEM education, please download our Free white paper here.

Small Footprint and Low Power-Consumption

It is small, low power consumption, yet has 6X faster pricessing speed and a higher recongnition rate than last generation.

Easy to Use

It has 3 communication modes:UART, I2C and WIFI. It can be controlled by Arduino and Microbit, and is supported by the following IDEs: Arduino, Makecode, Mueditor, Mixly, Mind+, mPython X. Besides continuous updates of its C, microPython library files are provided.

No network necessary

All its vision algorithms are processing locally, with no need of the network, and no worries about privacy issues.

Widely Applicable

It can be widely used in intelligent toys, AI educational kits, maker products and other applications.

Customization Service
Customization Service for Intelligent Vision Products
Light customization service: based on MU vision sensor, modify packaging, product name in manual and manufacturer's information, etc.
Deep customization service: Product and algorithm customization for new applications.
Sensor Customization Service
We can provide sensor customization services for partners, including visual recognition algorithm, sensor appearance and sizes, communication protocols and so on.
Contact Us
If you are interested in MU vision sensor, please email us to sales@morpx.com

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