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Introductory Kit to Autonomous AI

Technical Support

Meet MoonBot Kit
Robot Inspired Learning
Packed with cutting-edge Autonomous AI, MoonBot is designed to transform kids' view of what they can achieve with the knowledge they learned, and be inspired for more.
Fluent in the Language of Tomorrow
Programming and AI is the language of the tomorrow. MoonBot Kit teaches this language at a much higher level.

Remotely Controlled



Regular Robot

Simple Sensor Feedback


AI Sensor Feedback


Autonomous in Certain Scenarios


Fully Autonomous

What can MoonBot Kit do with Autonomous AI?
How to introduce Autonomous AI to kids?
Just 4 simple steps:
1. Signup for the MoonBot subscription service where weekly lessons will be delivered.
2. Build the MoonRover with instructions from the first email.
3. Follow the instructions in the subsequent emails to program the Autonomous AI in MoonRover.
4. Go through the entire program (24 lessons) to master the rest of Autonomous AI.
3+N Forms Creation
With the 3 form factors of the MoonBot Kit:MoonRover, MoonMech and MoonBot, kids can practice and learn in top application scenarios of Autonomous AI.
Extensible Electronic Module System
The main control system supports four steering gear, two motors and nine I/O interfaces. It is easy to create freely and has powerful functions designed for robots. It can also expand voice recognition module, gyroscope, ultrasonic and third-party modules.
MoonBot Kit Parts At A Glance
MoonBot Kit includes 14 electronic modules, 12 aluminum alloy skeletons, plastic shells, connecting wires, screw fixers, visual identification cards, balls, installation tools and cardboard accessories.
Multi-platform Programming
Download the MU Bot app on Android/iOS or on PC to and start to learn simple block-based programming with the MoonBot.
Award-Winning MoonBot Kit
MoonBot is the CES Asia 2018 Innovation Award winner, for its innovative design and incorporation of cutting-edge AI technology.
Be Ready For Future
MoonBot is not just an educational kit, it also inspires kids to explore more in the STEM fields. Don’t miss this opportunity for your kids to build a solid foundation in STEM early on.

Q1. What is the age range for Moonbot Kit?

A. Children over 8 years old can complete the construction and start programming quickly. Advanced users can customize the module combination and use advanced languages (C,python) to program.

Q2. Can Moonbot talk with people?

A: MoonBot supports playing sounds through its programmable speaker module. Voice recognition module will be added in a later upgrade package.

Q3. How can I program the robot?

A: MUBOT APP can be downloaded from the Google Play or App Store for Scratch programming. On PC, you can program MoonBot using Mixly(Scratch compatible) or C language.

Q4. What can I do with the camera on the MoonBot?

A: As the eyes of the robot, the visual recognition module can recognize many kinds of objects and cards to complete a mission or play games with you. We will add image transmission functionality in subsequent firmware updates.

Q5. How long does it take to build the MoonBot Kit?

A: It depends on the different forms. The MoonRover takes about half an hour to build, while the MoonBot takes about 2 hours to build.

If you have any questions, please eamil us to support@morpx.com

Thank you for your subscription!