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MU Spider Droid with Lego Power Functions

Paired with Lego Power Functions parts, you can create a variety of autonomous robots. MU Spider Droid is one of them. With the advanced artificial intelligence technology, MU Spider Droid can detect a person / face / ball, crawl and follow the object the Droid detects. Check out our video on YouTube.

Here is the parts list for MU Spider Droid


1x MU with battery

MU withLego

2x Lego Power Functions L-Motor element  No:88003

MU withLego

2x Lego Power Functions IR receiver element No:8884

MU withLego

1x Lego Power Functions Battery box element No:8881

MU with Lego

1x Lego EV3 Expansion Set (half of the parts from this set will be used.) element No:45560

MU with Lego

2x Lego LME Replacement Pack 1 element  No:2000700

ALL the prices listed above are subject to change.

Use your imagination, and create your own autonomous robots! Please feel free to share your design on our forum at forum.morpx.com Enjoy!

Building tutorial:


Buliding instructions:

Instructions (pdf)


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