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1. What is a MU account?

A MU account is a user profile created at the Morpx.com website. Your MU account contains your personal information. This enables quick and reliable identification of you. Your MU account can be used for MU online forum and MU Shop at morpx.com.

2. Who can open a MU account?

A MU account is free and adults (users over 18 years old) can create a MU account.

(1) Create & Share (min 13 years old)

(2) Shop (min 18 years old)

3. What can your MU account be used for?

Once you have created your MU account, you can use it for MU Shop and MU Forum at Morpx.com.

(1) Create & Share

Sign up to a network of other MU fans at morpx.com, and post your ideas and views on our forum.

Upload images/videos of your models to our forum.

Get involved in more fun things as the Morpx’s website grows.

(2) Shop

Have a fast and easy shopping experience.

Keep track of your orders and see your order history.

Find out about the latest sales and special offers.

4. What information is required to open a MU account?

When creating a MU account, we require personal data, such as email addresses, shipping address, etc.

The email address is used to send you information about your account and other system-related information as required.

You may be asked to add other personal information to your profile. All your information is used to provide you with a relevant and appropriate online experience.

5. You must not use your name as your username.

Our privacy policy is an integral part of our terms and conditions, which you can read more about here.

6. Acceptance of MU account terms and conditions

As the owner of a MU account, you must accept the following:

(1) A MU account gives you the opportunity to use your MU account as described above.

(2) Your username must not be discriminating, unethical or in any other way offensive and it must not contain a name.

(3) Uploaded material must not be illegal, misleading or violate anyone's rights.

(4) Message boards or email forms at morpx.com must not be misused or manipulated in any way.

(5) You must comply with all relevant guidelines.

Failure to comply with the above may, in serious cases, lead to suspension, revocation of membership privileges or deletion of a MU account at our discretion.

7. How do I update/delete a MU account?

Your personal information can be updated at any time using your MU account. A MU account may at any time be deleted by the user who created it.

Effective date: 6 July 2016


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